Cheap iPhone News and Rumours

Cheap iPhoneLots of consumers consider the iPhone to be the ultimate mobile phone. It not only has access to everything that Apple and the App Store have to offer, it also makes a fashion statement all of its own.

Other consumers disagree with this view, believing that the iPhone is overpriced when Android phones work equally well, and the technologically savvy may dislike the proprietary nature of the iPhone.

Buy whilst there have been rumours about the iPhone 6 and / or the iPhone 5s, rumours are also surfacing about a new, cheap iPhone.

Apple's senior vice president of marketing, Phil Schiller, said in January that Apple would never focus on making low cost handsets. However, some would argue that this statement was contradicted by the CEO, Tim Cook, who announced in February "we are making moves to make things more affordable."

More recently, one of the Chinese manufacturers used by Apple has stated its intention to increase the size of its work force. Could this be because they would need to be able to make lots of cheaper iPhones? The company, called Pegatron, would not reveal whether they were going to produce a cheap iPhone, although they are going to increase the size of their workforce by 40,000.

Experts have pointed out that if Apple wants to get a stronghold in markets such as India and China, they would need to produce a low cost handset; if it's released in those regions, it may well be released around the world.

Unfortunately, I don't yet have any photos of what the budget iPhone might look like, the iPhone pictured above is the iPhone 3S.



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