Tips on getting the best deal

best deal adviceIt's always very tempting to get a brand new phone and take advantage of all the latest technological upgrades.

The following tips will help you get the best deal when choosing a new mobile phone contract.

  • Pick the right deal for you. Check that there are enough minutes, texts and data transfer with the deal as it can be expensive to use more than your allocated allowance.
  • If you are thinking of switching networks, check the coverage of the new network to make sure that it is good in your area.
  • Make sure you know what the cost per month is and exactly what this includes.
  • Check the length of the contract so you know how long you will be "tied in" for. Is this acceptable to you?
  • What is the charge if you decide to leave the contract early?
  • Will the phone provider let you know when the contract is due to end?

You may want to check if your deal includes access to wi-fi hotspots or free calls to other people on the same network - in the latter case, you can save money if you and your family / friends are all on the same network, although some deals are so generous with the minutes that this won't be a major concern.



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