Gold BlackBerry Q10

Gold BlackBerry Q10What phone do you get for the business man or woman that has everything? Could the answer be the BlackBerry Q10 with a 24 carat gold bezel? Certainly, that's an option currently being offered by Goldgenie, who specialise in luxury products.

The phone is available in black or white, and is delivered in gorgeous wooden box. The phone is SIM free and unlocked. The bezels and area below the keyboard are made from gold; in all other ways, the phone is identical to a standard BlackBerry Q10.

If you've already bought a Q10 and you're kicking yourself that you didn't go for the gold option, worry not. Goldgenie also offer bespoke gold plating for phones that have already been purchased.

This luxurious phone does not come cheap though, with a price tag of £1597. Nevertheless, some girls (not me, sadly) can spend that amount of money on a handbag so as luxuries go, it's a snip for rich banker in London types.

Want to buy one for yourself or your partner? Then dash along to Goldgenie and part with your pennies - and your pounds.

Feeling somewhat more frugal? Then check out the deals on the BlackBerry Q10 at, where you can get a free phone from an effective price of just £25.83 / month for a two year contract. Sadly the only options are black or white - no gold bezels :-(Gold BlackBerry Q10 box



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