iOS (formerly iPhone OS)

iOS 6iOS is a operating system for mobile devices that was created by Apple. iOS is used on the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Apple do not license their operating system for use on mobile devices made by other manufacturers.

iOS is the world's second most popular mobile operating system, and there are nearly 800,000 apps whch can be downloaded for it from Apple's app store.

During 2010, iOS was the most popular operating system for mobile devices. However, it has currently been overtaken by Android in terms of popularity.

iPhone 5

Many apps are included with iOS as part of the operating system. These include FaceTime, which allows video called over Wi-Fi and the mobile internet, Photo Booth, for adding special effects to photos, iMessage, which sends free messages, both text and multimedia, to other iOS devices and Siri, a personal voice assistant, which can be used for various tasks such as initiating a phone call, sending a text, finding information or opening an app.

iOS is a closed, proprietary operating system, limited by Digital Rights Management which locks media purchased to the Apple platform in addition to Apple's complete control of the operating system. Apple is capable of remotely disabling or deleting apps. Some experts believe that Apple's approach is counter productive to software innovation, whereas others believe Apple's control enhances security.



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