iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 Mini and iPhone 6 XL Rumours and News

iPhone 6 newsThe rumour mill has gone into overdrive concerning the features that will be available on the iPhone 6. One concerns a "wraparound screen" as Apple have patented this feature in a recent filing. The screen can be folded and unfolded to become twice its size. Other features detailed in the patent included gesture control, facial recognition and screen layers to create a 3D display. Can we expect all these features in the new iPhone 6? Experts have predicted the iPhone 6 will be released during the first quarter of 2014.

iPhone 5S

Of course, before the release of the iPhone 6 we are likely to see the release of the iPhone 5S which is likely to be released in the second half of 2013, if it is indeed released at all. Maybe this time Apple will go straight for the iPhone 6, who can tell? It's likely if an iPhone 5S is released, it will have an upgrade to the operating system in the form of iOS 7.

iPhone Mini

Other rumours concern the possible release of an iPhone mini, inspired by the release of the iPad mini. Indeed, one analyst, Brian White from Topeka Capital Markets, has stuck his neck out to say that a cheaper version of the iPhone, the iPhone Mini, will be announced in June and shipped in July. The iPhone Mini is not expected to be physically smaller than the iPhone, but it will cost less - about half the cost of a standard iPhone. The case is rumoured to be constructed from coloured plastic.

iPhone XL

And an final rumour concerns the iPhone 6 XL - well, if there's to be a mini, why not an XL too? This has been forecast by Peter Zigich and will be interesting to see if Apple decide to follow Samsung's lead and take a leap into the "phablet" market.




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