Nokia wins court injunction on use of HTC One component in the Netherlands

iPhone 6 newsIt seems that its not only Apple that's in the mood for litigation against its rival Samsung, but Nokia has now joined the party. Nokia has won a court injuction in the Netherlands which prevents HTC from using the microphone Nokia developed in its HTC One smartphones.

HTC were not sued by Nokia - Nokia won the injunction against the manufacturers of the component, STM.

In its court statement, Nokia said that it had taken apart an HTC One and found that the high-amplitude audio-capture technology in the microphone was identical to its own.

HTC agreed to look for alternatives straight away.

The ruling, which lasts until March 2014, will prevent STMicro, which sells the parts, from selling them to HTC. The court ruled that the parts had been invented by Nokia and were made exclusively for Nokia phones.

Nokia said: "HTC has no licence or authorisation from Nokia to use these microphones or the Nokia technologies from which they have been developed.

"The injunction prevents STMicroelectronics from selling the microphones to anyone except us, anywhere in the world, until 1 March 2014. Its scope is not restricted to the Netherlands.

"The HAAC [high amplitude audio capture] technology used in these microphones is Nokia's and there is no alternate supplier."

HTC expressed disappointment with the ruling and said: "We are considering whether it will have any impact on our business and we will explore alternative solutions immediately." They have also said that the judgement allows them to use microphone components already purchased from STM and Nokia have failed in their attempt to recall microphones already sold to HTC, but HTC will use an "improved microphone design" once the STM microphones are all used up.

STM have stated that they are to appeal the ruling.




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