Number Porting (Transferring Phone Number to a New Network)

Number Porting

What is number porting?

Most people change their network from time to time, due to a more competitive subscription plan price or better network coverage.

Number Porting allows you to keep your existing mobile phone number when you move to a different network. You can keep your number whether you're transferring to or from a Pay As You Go phone or a contact. However, you are unable to port a number from an existing Pay As You Go phone to a contract phone on the same network.

In order to keep your mobile phone number, you have to contact your existing network provider to obrain a PAC (Porting Authorisation Code).

How long does it take to transfer my number over to the new network?

It normally takes less than 7 working days, although your new network will be able to tell you exactly. It is possible you will notice a disruption to your service on the day the number transfers or "ports", which could last for up to a day.Number Porting usually happens within 7 working days; your new network will be able to give you exact times. On the day of porting you may notice a short disruption of service.

Can I port my existing Pay As You Go number to a new Contract?

Yes you can, providing it's to a different network. You can't transfer your number within the same network, e.g: porting from Orange Pay As You Go to Orange Contract.

What happens to my existing credit?

Remaining credit on a Pay As You Go phone will probably be lost.



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