Samsung Galaxy S4 Fastest Seller in Samsung's History

Samsung Galaxy S4 Fastest Seller in History

May 25th, 2013

Samsung makes a huge range of electrical items, but in recent years has become most well known for it's range of Galaxy smartphones and tablets. The latest in a very celubrious line, the Samsung Galaxy S4, is set to become the fastest selling smartphone in the company's history. According to Shin Jong-kyun, one of Samsung's chief executives, sales are expected to surpass ten million this week, and the phone is selling more quickly than the Samsung Galaxy S3 did. The phone was only released worldwide on 27th April, but the S3 took 50 days to notch up the same number of sales.

This data shows the Samsung is now the leading manufacturer of Android phones, with them achieving 95% of the profits generated by these handsets during January to March 2013.

Other manufacturers of Android smartphones include LG, HTC and Sony.

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