Samsung Confirms Initial Supply of Galaxy S4 will be Limited

Samsung Knox delayedSamsung has confirmed that initial delays are to be expected on the supply of the new Galaxy S4 smartphone. Citing "overwhelming global demand" as the reason, Samsung said: "Due to overwhelming global demand of the Galaxy S4, the initial supply may be limited. We expect to fulfill inventory to meet demands in the coming weeks." 

The delay is not expected to be more than a week, but will affect customers in the UK and the US.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is likely to become the main competition to the iPhone 5, with many experts expecting the Galaxy S4 to outsell the iPhone 5.

A representative of Samsung told the Daily Mail: "There has been unprecedented demand for the Galaxy S4 in the UK. Samsung is working hard to ensure that pre-orders and sales across all channels are fulfilled as soon as possible."

The Galaxy S4 was originally unveiled in New York in March and was scheduled to have a release date of 27th April. Some customers who ordered their phone early for delivery on the expected release date may now get their smartphone a little later.



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