Windows Phone

Windows Phone LogoWindows Phone is the name given to the latest mobile operating systems developed by Microsoft for use on smartphones. Windows Phone is the successor to the Windows Mobile operating system and is not compatible with it.

At the time of writing (April 2013), the most recent version of Windows Phone was Windows Phone 8. Windows Phone 8 was released on October 29th, 2012. Windows Phone 8 shares many features and has a similar look to Windows 8. In addition, applications can easily been transferred between these two operating systems.

EnhancementsWindows Phone

Enhancements to Windows Phone 8 include the support of high resolution screens and multi-core processors, enabling the OS to compete directly with Android and Apple OS.

Windows Phone 8 and Nokia

Windows Phone 8 is now the main operating system for Nokia Phones and is the operating system on the Nokia Lumia range including the new Nokia Lumia 820.

Third Party Apps

Third party apps and media can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store.



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