Is the UMeox X5 the slimmest Android Smartphone in the World?

Umeox X5May 6th, 2013

The UMeox X5 is the latest smartphone from the little known Chinese company UMeox, and is the upgrade to the X3. Running the Android operating system, the phone is rumoured to be just 5.6mm thick - compate that to the iPhone 5 which measures a considerably more chunky 7.6mm. The overall dimensions of the phone are 118 mm x 60 mm x 5.6 mm.

The current slimmest smartphone in the world is the Huawei P6 which is 6.18 mm thick.

The display size of the Umeox X5 is rumoured to be 4". The size of the battery is currently unknown, but it is likely to have a low capacity due to the slimness of the phone.



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